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Suneel Patel

Parakh Coaching offers individual english coaching for SSC , Bank, Railway, UPSI and other competitive exams. The institute is located in prime location in Allahabad. Our program includes TEST SERIES (online & offline) and STUDY MATERIAL (NOTES), so that the difficult parts can be broken in easiest ways. Today we are an established and leading institute which is continuously guiding the students to achieve their goals. Our Faculties have created a Splendid Study Material which shall facilitate students to study the Course Content of all Competitive Exams in a easy way and shall enable them to score good marks.

Devendra Sir
Expert in English

English Syllabus


  1. Parts of speech
    1. Noun
    2. Pronoun
    3. Verbs
      1. Main Verbs (finite & Non-finite Verbs)
      2. Finite Verbs (Transitive & Intransitive Verbs)
      3. Non-finite Verbs (Infinitive, Gerund & Participles)
      4. Causative Verbs
      5. Auxiliary Verbs (primary Auxiliary Verbs & Modal Auxiliary Verbs)
      6. Linking and Non-Linking Verbs
      7. Regular & Irregular Verbs
    4. Adjective
    5. Adverbs
    6. Conjunction
    7. Preposition
    8. Interjection
  2. Subject - Verb Agreement
  3. Article
  4. Time and Tense
  5. Sequence of Tenses
  6. Active Voice and Passive Voice
  7. Direct and Indirect Narration
  8. Question Tag
  9. Punctuation
  10. Transformation
  11. Synthesis
  12. English Fundamentals
  13. Kinds of Sentences and Clauses
  14. Conditional Sentences
  15. Analysis of Sentences

Word Power

  1. One word substitution
  2. Idioms and Phrases
  3. Phrasal Verbs
  4. Words often confused and misused
  5. Synonyms
  6. Antonyms
  7. Spelling Test
  8. Foreign Words
  9. Words used in the previous exams
  10. Newspaper words
  11. Newspaper reading (The Hindu)
  12. Choosing appropriate words
  13. Words used in different parts of speech.
  14. Important proverbs
  15. Vocabulary Test


  1. Unseen Passage
  2. Cloze Test
  3. Ordering of Sentences (Jumbled Sentences)

Note:- Weekly reading comprehension and discussion

Writing Skill (Especially for CPF and Civil exams)

  1. Precis Writing
  2. Letter Writing
  3. Essay Writing

Test Paper, Exam Paper and Speed Test

  1. Chapter wise test papers
  2. Test papers on every three chapters
  3. Word power test papers from each section
  4. Combined word power test papers
  5. Weekly assessment test (Grammar + Word + Comprehension)
  6. Speed test every day (more than 100 papers)
  7. Combined test papers (Based on different exams)

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